Grants and Scholarships


Florida State Firefighters Education Foundation/Association Grant Information

The Association has established the Florida State Firefighters Education Foundation, in which we award grants to Florida fire departments, on a yearly basis. It is a new program started in 2004. Each year at our Annual Conference, usually in June, we will award the Grants. They can be used for purchasing new equipment, training, public education, or anything you feel can improve the performance of our department. The process is simple, you fill out the on line form, submit it, and the committee will review and select the recipients.For information on the current Grants and an application click here.

Sponsorship of Grants

The Florida State Firefighters Education Foundation was established by the Florida State Firefighters’ Association as a vehicle to raise funds for the fire service. The fund is used to offset costs of training, education, equipment purchasing and the general welfare and safety of firefighters. The FSFEF is a 501c3 entity and is registered with the State of Florida as a charitable entity. For more information on donating please contact the FSFA at 1-800-883-4817. 

State Awards - Firefighter of the year

 Each year the Florida State Firefighters’ Association sponsors the Firefighter of the Year Awards. One selected from each of four divisions, Career, Dispatcher, Forestry and Volunteer. The winners are selected from the nominations turned into the Association, and awards presented to them at the Installation Dinner, at the Annual Association Conference. To view past winners select the year above. The 2017 winners will be awarded at the Annual Conference. 

Bunker Gear Program

 In an effort to assist fire departments with little operating budgets, the Association has created a bunker gear give away program. It is a recycling program, kind of like the old saying “One man’s junk is another’s treasure”. We take donations of old gear from any department and distribute it to less fortunate departments that are in need of bunker gear.If your department has recently replaced it’s bunker gear and you would like to donate your old gear, let us know. Call the office at 1-800-883-4817 or email us at Also let us know if your department is in need of bunker gear.